Wireless communications rely on the use of radiofrequencies, or spectrum. The continued availability of sufficient licensed spectrum is critical to supporting the increasing demand for mobile services. 

The industry’s role

Canadians are consuming more mobile services and content than ever. The rise in mobile connectivity and increase in data traffic will only intensify with the growth of the Internet of Things, and data-intensive use cases like virtual reality and video-based applications. Keeping up with the demand requires that enough coverage and capacity spectrum be made available to mobile operators. 

Canada’s wireless sector has demonstrated its ability to generate economic value and social benefit from its continuing investment in digital infrastructure and innovation. The primary goal of spectrum awards should be to encourage efficient spectrum use and ongoing investment in the wireless infrastructure needed to best utilize such spectrum to expand network coverage and enhance performance.

Other priority areas

Connecting Canadians



Strengthening communities


Public safety

Cybersecurity & privacy


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