Our Programs

We facilitate the following programs that promote accessibility, charitable giving, safety, and consumer protection.

Search tool that lets Canadians input an IMEI number to determine if a mobile device has been reported lost or stolen, which would make it unusable on Canadian wireless operator networks.

Device Check Canada

Service that allows those who are Deaf, deafened, Hard-of Hearing and speech impaired to converse with emergency call centres via text message.

Text with 911

Provides information on the administration and use of Common Short Codes to facilitate interactions between users, brands, retailers, government and other organizations via text messaging.


A foundation that enables charitable donations via text message and helps connect Canadian mobile users with the causes they care most about.

Mobile Giving Foundation

Resource that helps consumers identify accessibility features on mobile devices and find services available to consumers based on their accessibility needs.

Wireless Accessibility.ca

Council that promotes the importance of worker safety in the construction and maintenance of communications towers in Canada.


Council that supports a dynamic 5G ecosystem through advocacy, research, and cross-sector collaboration.

5G Canada Council
Areas of focus

What we are prioritizing to facilitate a healthy and sustainable telecom sector and improve the lives of Canadians.