About Us

The Canadian Telecommunications Association works with our members, government, regulators, and other stakeholders to ensure that Canada remains a global leader in telecommunications and that all Canadians benefit from Canada’s world-class networks and services.

Our mission

To inform Canadians about the importance of a healthy and sustainable telecommunications sector to Canada’s economic prosperity and social development and the role of facilities-based competition in delivering the desired consumer outcomes of broad network coverage, high-quality services, and affordability.

What we do

We advocate on behalf of our members and inform Canadians about the contributions that the telecommunications sector makes to Canada, including economic growth, innovation, social well-being, and sustainability. Our work falls under three key pillars:

Promotion & advocacy

We advocate for our members and inform Canadians about the many contributions the telecom sector makes to Canada’s economic and social well-being.

Consumer services & programs

We support industry initiatives and programs, such as enhancing accessibility, charitable giving, and consumer protection. 

Research & education

We publish industry data and commission research into telecom sector trends and developments. 

Members and associates

Our members include the carriers, manufacturers, and other companies in the telecom ecosystem that invest in, build, maintain and operate Canada’s world-class telecommunication networks. 


Team and leadership


Our association is supported by a dedicated team that is committed to building a better future for Canadians through connectivity.

Board of Directors

Our work is guided by a Board of Directors that provides governance and strategic direction to the Association.

About the telecom industry

Canada’s telecom industry has transformed the way we live, work, and play, and is a key contributor to Canada’s economy and social development.



in direct contributions (GDP) to Canada’s economy in 2022


Canadian jobs

supported by the telecom industry

Our programs

We facilitate several programs and initiatives, such as enhancing accessibility, safety, and consumer protection.