86% of Canadians Who Switched Wireless Plans Over the Past Year are Getting Better Value, New Survey Finds

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Poll finds 80% who switched cell providers are paying the same or less than before, while 86% feel they are getting better value.

TORONTO, ON – June 18, 2024 – Canadians who switched their wireless plans in the last twelve months are benefiting from lower wireless prices and additional services and features, a new survey shows.

In the survey of 5,000 adult Canadians commissioned by the Canadian Telecommunications Association from May 16-24, Abacus Data found one in four respondents changed their wireless plan over the past year, with better prices and more data their primary reasons for doing so.

The survey, titled Perception of Wireless Cost and Plans, found that six in ten Canadians who switched plans are now paying less. It said an “overwhelming” 86% of those who had switched “felt they were getting a better deal with their new plan compared to their previous one.” Among those who switched, 63% said they were paying less while getting more or the same services under their new wireless plan than their previous one. An additional 17% said they were paying the same for additional services and features that weren’t a part of their previous plan, such as additional data, higher speeds, enhanced coverage, or increased international calling/texting or roaming services.

“Canadian consumers are reaping the rewards of a highly competitive telecom industry by getting plans with more services and lower prices,” said the Canadian Telecommunications Association’s President & CEO, Robert Ghiz. “Statistics Canada data shows wireless prices have fallen by 26% and internet access services by more than 9.5% over the past year alone. This is in stark contrast to the rising costs of other vital goods and services, highlighting the telecom sector’s role in delivering better value to Canadians.”

Read the full survey report, Perception of Wireless Cost and Plans, via Abacus Data at https://abacusdata.ca/canadian-mobile-wireless-sector-providing-lower-prices-and-greater-value-to-canadians

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