Mobile Wireless User Experience in Cottage Country on Par with National Experience, New Report Shows

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Study also finds users in cottage country enjoy faster average download and upload speeds than those experienced in other countries

OTTAWA, ON – June 21, 2022 – Canadians in cottage country regions this summer will benefit from strong network access and performance, according to a new report published by leading independent mobile analytics company Opensignal. The report shows that mobile video, gaming, and voice app experience in cottage country is on par with the national experience. In addition, the report shows that users in cottage country experience impressive download and upload speeds.

Key findings:

User Experience in cottage country is similar to national experience

  • Whether on a 4G or 5G network, cottage country users’ experiences while streaming videos, playing multiplayer mobile games or using (OTT) voice app services shows very little or no significant difference from the national experience.
Source: Opensignal – Cottage country mobile network experience – June 9, 2022 ©

Cottage country regions have strong network access across Canada

  • Users in cottage country reported being connected to 4G or 5G 93.3% of the time, only 1.4% lower than the national average.
Source: Opensignal – Cottage country mobile network experience – June 9, 2022 ©

Impressive mobile speeds that exceed speeds in peer countries

  • Despite a gap between average download and upload speeds in cottage country and the national average, Canada’s cottage country speeds are impressive and are faster than the national average speeds in many other countries.

A separate analysis by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association of recent Opensignal Market Insights reports shows the average 4G download speed for Canada’s cottage country (52.9 Mpbs) is faster than the national average download speeds across all network connections for each of the other G7 countries, plus Australia.

*CDN cottage country speed is for 4G networks. Other country speeds are average across all network connections, including 5G. Sources: Opensignal – Australia Mobile Network Experience Report – April 2022; Cottage country mobile experience – June 9, 2022; France Mobile Network Experience Report – May 2022; Germany Mobile Network Experience Report – May 2022; Italy Mobile Network Experience – May 2022; Japan Mobile Network Experience Report – April 2022; United Kingdom Mobile Network Experience Report – April 2022; USA Mobile Network Experience Report – January 2022 ©

“Whether playing multiplayer mobile games, streaming video, or using mobile voice apps, Opensignal’s report shows that Canadians enjoy an excellent mobile experience, even in more rural settings. In fact, the average download speed in cottage country regions is faster than the national average download speeds of many of our international peers,” said Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) President and CEO Robert Ghiz.

Mr. Ghiz noted that despite the challenges of deploying world-class mobile networks in Canada, such as Canada’s large geography, harsh terrain and low population density, the wireless industry continues to make large investments in expanding and enhancing mobile services across the country, including rural communities.

“In the face of these obstacles, our wireless network operators invest billions each year to build and maintain what are regarded as some of the best wireless networks in the world. This is true even in cottage-country. And as network operators begin to deploy 3500 MHz spectrum, the user experience will only get better.”

The Opensignal report, entitled, “Cottage country mobile network experience” was published on June 9, 2022. It can be found here.

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