New Publications Outline Emergency Preparedness in the Telecommunications Industry and Steps Consumers Can Take to Protect Themselves

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OTTAWA, ON – May 8 2023 – The Canadian Telecommunications Association announced today that, to coincide with Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada, it has released two new publications that outline emergency preparedness in the telecommunications industry and the steps that Canadians can take to protect themselves in the face of extreme weather events and other emergencies.

The first document, Responding to Extreme Weather and other Natural Disasters, provides an overview of the steps telecommunications providers take in advance of and during severe weather events and other emergencies to keep Canadians connected.

The second document, Preparing for Severe Weather Events & Other Emergencies, provides measures Canadians can take to prepare for severe weather events and tips on the proper use of their telecommunications services both during and in the aftermath of such events.

“Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, wildfires, and snow and ice storms are becoming more commonplace, endangering Canadians, damaging property, and posing a risk to critical infrastructure, including telecommunications networks,” said Canadian Telecommunications Association President and CEO, Robert Ghiz. “Ensuring that Canadians have access to reliable telecommunications services during times of crisis is a priority for our industry, and that is why our members are continually investing to strengthen their networks to better withstand extreme weather and other natural disasters. We hope these publications will help raise awareness of the measures taken by service providers to preserve and restore connectivity in the face of extreme weather events and other emergencies, and to encourage Canadians to prepare for such events and observe best practices for the use of their telecommunications services during and in the immediate aftermath of such incidents.”

Responding to Extreme Weather and other Natural Disasters and Preparing for Severe Weather Events & Other Emergencies are available for download here and here or by visiting

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