Investment in Next-Generation Wireless Networks is Key to Canada’s Economic Growth and Prosperity: Ghiz

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Ottawa – May 10, 2022 – It is estimated that 5G wireless will contribute an additional $40 billion in GDP to Canada’s economy by 2026 and create an additional 250,000 fulltime jobs in the same period. 5G wireless technology will also help bridge the urban/rural digital divide and play a key role in helping other industries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This according to remarks given during a keynote address given today by Robert Ghiz, President and CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) at the Wireless World Research Forum’s Huddle 2022 event.

The theme of this year’s event, hosted in Ottawa for the first time since 2017, is “5G and Beyond – the Wireless World in 2030”. This year’s Huddle, the eighth edition in a continuing series, is focusing on the continuing journey of technological advancement up to 2030 and beyond, and at the evolution towards B5G and future wireless connectivity.

In his remarks, Mr. Ghiz pointed to the critical role wireless networks played in supporting Canadians throughout the pandemic.

“Our digital networks proved their resiliency. They did not break under the strain. And because of this, Canadians were able to sustain and transition much of our economic and social activity to the online world. But the strength and performance of our digital networks during the pandemic was not the result of good fortune or luck. It was the result of years of planning and innovation; the kind of planning and innovation that we will be talking about at this conference. It was also the product of significant private sector investment.”

Mr. Ghiz noted that because of significant investments in digital infrastructure, Canada’s wireless service providers have been able to overcome the challenges of Canada’s large geography and low population density to build wireless networks that are considered to be amongst the best in the world.

“In the face of these obstacles, our wireless network operators have invested over $83 billion in capital expenditures and spectrum fees to build what are regarded as some of the best wireless networks in the world. On the wireline side, facilities-based service providers have invested more than twice that amount. It is these investments, together with years of investing in research and development by carriers, as well as technology providers and academic institutions, that gave us the digital infrastructure that supported Canadians throughout the pandemic.

Mr. Ghiz concluded by noting that the sizable private sector investments required to achieve the full benefits of 5G and beyond will require government policies that continue to encourage investment in the expansion and enhancement of Canada’s world-class digital networks.

For a complete copy of Mr. Ghiz’s remarks, please visit CWTA online here.

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